How much I Paid for Clean Shave in Trimbak?

R. K. Salon (non-air-conditioned shop) is in Trimbak opposite Hotel Tulsi Inn. I visited for a clean shave and maybe a head massage.

Aakash – The barber first applied ‘Beauty Cream’ on the face before going for a clean shave.

‘Beauty Cream’ was a new experience. Never experienced this product before.

In different cities/towns, different ways of barbers to make the beard/moustache area soft before the clean shave. Few apply Dettol mixed with water, few apply cream, and few just sprinkle water.

After ‘Beauty Cream’, water was sprinkled, the face was cleaned and, V-Mat shaving foam was applied for a clean shave.

I prefer Gillette shaving foam for a clean shave but I also welcome any shaving foam because to date I am unable to understand the difference between Gillette, V-Mat, Cimelle, and Brooks. I have experienced all these shaving foams till-date.

Maybe someone has to throw light – The difference.

Recently, in Vapi (Gujarat) near the railway station, the barber (non-air-conditioned shop) applied – V Mat shaving foam. No Animals Fat was written clearly.

The shaving results? – As similar to any other salon.

How much are the charges for a clean shave? – I question Aakash.

Rs. 50 only – He replied.

Cheap, isn’t it? – A thought within.

How much for a head massage? – I question.

Rs. 100/150 depends upon the client – said Aakash.

Anyway, not now. Maybe tomorrow – said I.

All I can say is: The clean shave was as good as in any other barbershop but yes, I enjoyed the face wash/massage.

Maybe the experience of the barber is more important rather than shaving products.

Timings: 5:00 am to 9:00 pm.

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