How much I Paid to a Hired Auto-Rickshaw Wala to Visit Places In Around Trimbakeshwar

I stayed at Hotel Tulsi Inn very near to Trimbakeshwar Temple.

As the wish was to visit places in around Trimbakeshwar with my aged mother thus, I decided to hire an auto-rickshaw to save long walks and climbing more than hundreds of steps.

I requested the Hotel Tulsi Inn reception staff to help me in hiring an auto-rickshaw.

He gave me three auto-rickshaw numbers and all three were asking for Rs. 1,100 for the visit in around Trimbakeshwar.

Accidentally, I met Umesh – An auto-rickshaw wala who was ready to show me places in around Trimbakeshwar for Rs. 800.

I bargain and he said Rs. 700 is the last fare.

The places finalized to be visited in around Trimbakeshwar were:

  • The base of the fort Bramhgiri includes Gangadwar, Varahtirth, Goddess Kolambika Temple, 108 Shivalings, Caves of Gorakshanath, and Machchhindranath. (Even after leaving the auto-rickshaw, you have to climb 200 stairs)
  • Neel Parbat which includes Matamba Devi, Nilambika Devi, Sadguru Dattatreya temples. (approx. 200 stairs)
  • Samadhi (mausoleum) of Saint Nivruttinath.
  • Kushawarta Tirth

And finally drop at Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan at Jawahar Road, Trimbak.

I agreed and so is the auto-rickshaw wala (0-94048 87619).

Please Note: Road condition is not good.

The total journey time starting from Hotel Tulsi Inn till Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan taken was approx. 3 hours.

If I have walked and climbed stairs with my aged mother it was impossible to complete the journey in one day. Thanks to Umesh.

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