Sant Shree Nivruttinath Maharaj – Attained Samadhi at 24 Years

Sant Shree Nivruttinath Maharaj – Attained Samadhi at 24 Years

Very close to Trimbakeshwar Temple and I was in conversation with Shree Jayant Maharaj Goswami – The priest. Upon the request he narrated the History of Sant Shree Nivruttinath Maharaj Sanjeevan Samadhi as follows:

Sant Shree Nivruttinath was born in Alandi (Pune District). He was the disciple of Shree Gahininath. Brahmagiri Hills – The location where they first met each other. It is said and believed Sant Shree Nivruttinath is the Avatar (incarnation) of Lord Shankar. He was the elder brother and Guru of Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj and the head of Warkari Sampradaya.

Within Maharashtra and a few nearby states, Warkari Sampradaya is present and is deeply associated with spirituality.

700 plus years in the year 1219 as per Hindu Calendar Sant Shree Nivruttinath had Samadhi at the age of 24 years. Thus, the Samadhi is called Sanjeevan Samadhi i.e., as per wishes to quit life. 7 days before the start of summer ladies rub sandalwood within the temple area and the paste is applied at Samadhi during afternoon hours said to be the starting day of summer. At night the paste is distributed among devotees as Prasad.

Prayers within. Thanks to the priest for sharing knowledge about a great Saint.

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