How much is 1 kg PEDA Price in Trimbakeshwar?

I am a sweets lover. The moment I saw PEDA in Trimbakeshwar my wish was to have/purchase it.

PEDA is said to have originated in Mathura (Uttar Pradesh). No other dessert can take the place of the divine simplicity of PEDA. It is traditionally made with only regular milk, sugar, and cardamom.

PEDA traces its roots to ancient times when it was mandatory during religious festivals/ceremonies, usually offered as ‘Prasada‘.

At one shop in Trimbakeshwar, we paid 100 rupees (after bargaining) for 250 gm PEDA i.e., Rs. 400 for 1 kg, and at another shop Rs. 70 for 200 gm i.e., 350 rupees for 1 kg.

Rs. 70 PEDA was salty when we tasted it at home. Not good. Anyway, I love having sweet PEDA and will love it forever.

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