Sulaki Lal Sri Nath & Sons – Sixth Generations of Desi Ghee Kachori Sabzi

Sulaki Lal Sri Nath & Sons – Sixth Generations of Desi Ghee Kachori Sabzi

I enquired with Marvadi Dharamshala (where I stayed) about any nearby authentic and famous place for breakfast. He enhanced my knowledge by sharing about Sulaki Lal Sri Nath & Sons famous for Desi Ghee Kachori Sabzi.

A great eatery is widely known for its Desi Ghee Kachori and Sabzi.

Thank you – said I.

Sulaki Lal Sri Nath & Sons is situated at Sulaki Chouraha – walking distance from Marvadi Dharamshala.

Reached within 5 minutes.

Though in a crowded location, neat and clean eatery.

All waiters were seen in good hygienic condition and very well behaved. Praiseworthy!

Kachori Sabzi was the request.

Served 4 piping hot Kachoris with unlimited Aloo (potato) Sabzi, Kathal (jackfruit) Sabzi, Aloo Baingan (eggplant) Sabzi & Lauki (bottle gourd) wala Raita within minutes in a natural leaf-handmade-biodegradable plate.

The very first impression was interesting. Very rare these days one will find such plates, especially in a restaurant.

The very first bite and fall in love with them. Fantastic – in short.

I was told – it is Desi Ghee Urad Dal Kachori without Onion and Garlic.

Wow – unbelievable taste without onion and garlic preparation. Yummy!

How much for one plate Desi Ghee Urad Dal Kachori?

Rs. 100 only/-.

Not much – a thought.

How much for extra Kachori?

Rs. 25 – said the waiter.

What next?

Sulaki Lal Sri Nath & Sons (Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India) Price List

What are your signature items – I enquire.

Other than Kachori Sabzi we have Balushahi, Motichoor Ladoo, Soan Papdi, and Jalebi.- all made within Desi Ghee.

Great – said I.

How much for jalebi?

50 gm for Rs. 20. Rupees 400 per kg.

Please serve 50 gm – I requested.

Superb morning breakfast I had. Their Kachori Sabzi is fabulous and can’t express in words for their Jalebis.

Mouthwatering in the morning. Best in Prayagraj till this time. And the traditional way of serving – exceptional.

In the center of old Allahabad/Prayagraj. Good place for traditional breakfast for sure. Recommended at least once.

Total – Rs. 120 paid. Worth every penny.

And then I met the owner of Sulaki Lal Sri Nath & Sons.

Upon query, he further enhances knowledge about the history of Sulaki Lal Sri Nath & Sons as follows:

I am the sixth generation in this family business established by Budhiram Halwai – says the young Aman Gupta, owner of this 150+-year-old eatery at Sulaki Chouraha in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.

Timings: 7 am – 10 pm (7 days open. Except Holi – 2 days open only at evening hours)

Kachori Timings: whole day

Jalebi Timings: 7 am – 11 am

Thank you for the valuable information shared. Thanks a lot!

Kachori and Jalebi – unmatched quality and stupendous taste – said I.

I rarely visit any eatery twice but Sulaki Lal Sri Nath & Sons I may visit again, especially for their Kathal Sabzi.

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