Clean Shave/Massage in Prayagraj – How much I Paid?

I have applied Gillette Foamy Regular Shaving Foam for many years for a clean shave but this time in Prayagraj I requested the barber – Shafique to apply Dettol Lather Shaving Cream.

After a long time, I was applying the cream for shaving.

And the charges Rs. 40/- only.

Shafique is a good barber as he did very light hand smooth shaving. Appreciated!

Next, for the head, shoulder, arms, and back massage via hands, I paid – Rs 50 only.

For Head massage, he applied Bajaj Almond Drops non-sticky Hair Oil. Fantastic fragrance.

How much for Gillette Foam shaving? – I question.

Rs. 50/- only – He said.

Most of the tourist places’ salon charges Rs. 50 only – said I.

The barbershop – Heera Hair Cutting Salon is situated inside the Zero Road Bus Stand.

Timings: 8 am – 10 pm (7 days open).

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