About: Sur Kuti (Parasauli) – Surdas Permanent Residence in Govardhan

About: Sur Kuti, Parasauli (Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India)

Mahatma Surdas, the immortal singer of Surya Braj Bharti of Hindi literature-Gagan, was born in Vaishakh Shukla 5, Samvat 1535 (1478 AD) at Sihi near Vallabhgarh. He lived in Sihi for almost 18 years. After this, wandering in Mathura-Mandal for two years, he reached Renuka-Kshetra (Runakta) near Agra. There he lived at the bank of Yamuna at Goghat for about 12 years and kept singing verses of humility. There he took initiation from Shri Vallabhacharya in Samvat 1567. As per his order, he started singing leela and started doing kirtan service in Shrinathji’s temple located in Govardhan. His permanent residence in Govardhan was right here in Parasauli. Staying here for almost 73 years, he composed innumerable verses in the form of Sursagar, etc. In Samvat 1640 (1583 AD), at the age of 105, he died here in front of Goswami Vitthalnath ji.