About: Balbhadra Mandir and Balbhadra Kund (Talvan)

About: Balbhadra Mandir and Balbhadra Kund, Talvan (Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India)

Under the protection of the evil king Kansa, a demon named Dhenukasura created terror in this forest. There were many trees with sweet and tasty fruits in Talwan. Taking the form of a donkey, Dhenukasura kills those who come here to eat fruits. Lord Shri KrishnaBalram came here on the request of Sakha named Shri Dama, famous in Gwal Mandali and freed Talwan from terror by killing Dhenukasura. After joking and joking with elder Balram ji, he composed Balbhadra Kund. This is the only temple in the world where Balram ji, his wife Revati ji, and Shri Krishna all three are sitting together. This is the second forest of the twelve forests.