About: Haridasi-Parampara

About: Haridasi-Parampara

About: Haridasi-Parampara – This photo was taken at Vrindavan Research Institute in Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh)


Swami Shri Haridas ji, the manifester of Vrindavan’s famous Shrivigraha Thakur Shree Banke Bihari Ji Maharaj, and the followers of his tradition have an important place in the study of Vrindavani worship tradition and Braj culture. Emperor Akbar himself also came to Vrindavan after hearing about the fame of Swami Haridas ji’s music. Related to this a picture of the 18th century is displayed in this Braj Sanskriti Sangrahalaya. In the tradition of Swami Haridas ji, the names of Shri Bithalvipul, Biharinidev, Sarasdev, Nagridev, Narharidev, Rasikdev, Pitambardev, Lalitkishoridev, Govinddev, Govardhansharandev, Lalitmohinidev, and Bhagvatrasikdev Ju Maharaj as well as the names of many contemporary and contemporary saints are noteworthy.

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