About: Chandra Sarovar also called Chandravali Nikunj

About - Chandra Sarovar also called 'Chandravali Nikunj' (Govardhan, Uttar Pradesh, India)

According to Shri Garga Samhita, Chandra Sarovar Maharas place near Govardhan is in a lotus shape. It is also called Chandravali Nikunj. This place was named Parsauli because it was the abode of the sage Parashar. This is in the form of Giriraj ji’s nostril. It is a belief that near this lake Lord Krishna had performed Maharaas with Radha and her friends on Shardiya Purnima and had a Jal Vihar with the Brajangnao in Chandra Sarovar.

There is a baithak of Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya ji and there is the throne of Shri Gusai ji, Shri Harirai ji and Shri Gokulnath ji. The chandrakup here is called Shrinathji’s Jaldhara. There is Sur Kuti near the baithak of Acharya Pad, where poet Kul Bhushan Surdas ji composed divine Sur Sagar and other poems with 1.25 lakh verses while living for 73 years. The idols of Ashtachap poets also reside in Chandra Sarovar. This kund was rebuilt in the year 1804 by Jawahar Singh, the son of Bharatpur King Suraj Mal. In the year 2020-21 and 2021-22, for the convenience of the devotees in the Chandra Sarovar complex, with the funding of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, a toilet block, canteen, baradari, a pathway for sarovar parikrama, parking, boundary wall, CC road, batch landscaping, plantation, open amphitheater, and electrical arrangements, etc. were done.

Renovation under the ‘Prasad’ scheme of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India

Working Organization: Mathura-Vrindavan Development Authority, Mathura.

(This photo was taken at Chandra Sarovar (Parasoli) nearby Govardhan (Uttar Pradesh) during Braj Chaurasi (84) Kos Yatra)