My Journey by Bus to Ambaji from Mount Abu (to-and-fro)

Buses for Ambaji from Mount Abu bus stand start at 7:00 am, 9:30 am, and 2:15 pm as told by the Mount Abu bus stand inquiry counter person. The next day at 9:30 am we started our journey by Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation bus from the Mount Abu bus stand. Rs. 64/- bus ticket per person. At 10:20 am the bus reached the Abu Road bus stand, and at 11:00 am we were at Ambaji.

Mount Abu to Ambaji Temple is approx. 50 Kms away.

Note: Shoes, Purse, Mobile, Camera, etc. one has to deposit at a counter at the temple entrance before entering Ambaji Temple.

While returning journey we started our journey by a sharing jeep till Abu Road railway station as there was no bus at Ambaji bus stand for Mount Abu due to late evening hours. Sharing jeeps are available outside the Ambaji bus stand. We paid Rs. 30 per passenger. It was 40 minutes journey till Abu Road railway station and then a few meters walk to catch a bus from Abu Road bus stand for Mount Abu.

Note: The last bus for Mount Abu from Abu Road is at 8:30 pm. One hour approx. journey time. Try not to be late.