Kedarnath Temple (Kaman) – A famous Pilgrimage of Braj

Kedarnath Temple (Kaman) – A famous Pilgrimage of Braj

After visiting Shri Aadi Badri Dham, it was time to visit Kedarnath Temple (Kaman) in the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan.

A way within a small village – a shortcut towards Kedarnath, but due to some reason, wet thick mud was present. Maybe not if the vehicle is stuck then? The driver decided to take the other route – The longer one but we reached Kedarnath safely.

300 approx. steps to reach. Kedarnath up on the hill. If I remember correctly, today we had approx. 500 plus steps in a day.

Kedarnath is a small cave. Devotees have to sit to visit inside. The priest showed us various God images present within rocks within the cave. Sheshnaag, Ganesh Ji, Nandi, and many more which is not man-made – purely natural. Belief and one can see truly what is present.

Aadi Badri Dham, Kedarnath is near Kamvan. It is said there are altogether 12 Van i.e., jungles within Chaurasi Kos – Kamvan, Upvan, Vrindavan, Mahavan, Gokul, Aanor, Barsana, Jatipura, Nandgaon, and a few more…

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