Aadi Badri Dham – On Lord Krishna’s Request, Lord Badrinath Appeared Here

Aadi Badri Dham – On Lord Krishna’s Request, Lord Badrinath Appeared Here

The best part of a road journey is you can stop wherever you want to know about a subject or to talk to people few known and few unknown. 20 km approx. driving and finally, we reached Aadi Badri Dham (Badrinath) at Deeg in the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan but before Badrinath, I saw a temple on top of a picturesque hill.

I inquire. The driver said it is Badrinath but No – He was wrong and I knew later when we reached Shri Aadi Badri Dham.

Bhajan singing now-onwards during ‘Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra‘ is a day-to-day habit. Thanks to God wish who decided us to be on tour. Prayers.

It is said Nand Baba was not having a child since the age of 80. He prayed if a child is born he will tour all Teerth. When Nand Baba requested Lord Krishna his desire to tour all Teerth Lord said – I will bring all Teerth here for you. He requested Nanda Baba, Yashoda, and Devki to close their eyes, and when they opened they all saw all of Teerth present in front of them.

Gangotri, Yamunotri, Alakhnanda, Har Ki Pauri, Swarg Ashram, Dev Sarowar, Chandanwan, Gandhmadhav Parbat, Dhaulagiri Parbat, Chitrakoot Parbat, Vindhyachal Parbat, Dronagiri Parbat, Neel Ghati, Maya Devi, Tapasya Kund, Gauri Kund, Udhav Kund, Krishna Kund, Shyam Kund, Sidh Gufa and many other Teerth as well – The above display-board narrating the summary.

Laxman Jhula? Another surprise for us as we all know Laxman Jhula is in Rishikesh but the display-board talks about the same. We were told it is behind the temple about half a km walking distance. We all jointly walked to reach while singing bhajan passing through dense dry trees as well as muddy paths. It is almost no man’s land except we saw one cowherd passing by.

Few walks – A few stairs and another temple on top of the hill. The priest said Lord Laxman visited this hill. We were shown Laxman Jhula. Actually, it is a hilly path that attaches two hills through stones currently not existing but Yes, the remains show a jhula i.e., the bridge was present a few years back.

Prayers and we again walked towards Aadi Badri Dam but this time for lunch. We are hungry.

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