Gabbar Hill – The Location of Holy Child Lord Krishna’s Tonsorial Ceremony

Gabbar Hill, Ambaji, Gujarat, India

Gabbar Hill is approx. 1 km from Ambaji Temple. One can reach via auto for Rs. 10 per person or one’s own vehicle or walking. To reach the top of Gabbar hill one has to climb approx. 950 steps. There is a rope-way facility also. The ticket cost Rs. 80/- per person to and fro.

I started climbing the steps at 1:30 pm and reached the top of Gabbar Hill at 1:55 pm.

Note: We booked the entire auto from Ambaji temple for Rs. 300 (quite expensive) because we wanted to visit nearby temples such as Koteshwar Dham, Kamakshi temple, Valmiki Dham, Kumbhariyaji, and Gabbar Hill.