Shri Ambica Bhojanalay – Run by Ambaji Temple Trust

Shri Ambica Bhojanalay – Run by Ambaji Temple Trust

We were two and were feeling hungry. We inquired with one of the person present at Ambaji Temple about any good restaurants around. He said – Shri Ambica Bhojanalay run by the temple trust is a nearby bus stand just a few meters away from the temple.

Ok – said I and we walked towards the bhojanalay.  We enter the premises and inquire. We were guided to go upstairs. On the first floor, it is and devotees in the queue. Food served by women. The food quality is really good and lots-n-lots of devotees around having food. After finishing our food, when we walk towards the ground floor we saw a queue outside a window. I inquire with the guard. He said it is a token for food. Oops, nobody told us nor I can read what is written in the Gujarati language. So what to do now?

I was again in queue. I purchased two coupons. The guard said to hand over this coupon to him as he will deposit it upstairs at Bhojanalay. Ok – said I.

Rs. 15 and Rs. 10 coupon rates for adults and children.

Timings: 10 am – 10 pm.

Thank you, temple trust.

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