A Visit to Sakkarbaug Zoo in Junagadh

A Visit to Sakkarbaug Zoo in Junagadh

The idea of visiting Sakkarbaug Zoo was because of a pamphlet I received at Geeta Lodge. The pamphlet enhanced knowledge – Sakkarbaug Zoo situated at Rajkot Road is the oldest zoo in Gujarat and the third oldest in India. It was established in the year 1865.

Fantastic. I have a reason to visit – said I during our short trip to Junagadh to attend the Bhavnath Fair – 2015. We hired an auto and paid Rs. 40 fare for two people from S.T. Bus stand to Sakkarbaug Zoo approx. 3 km distance.

Rs. 20 is the zoo ticket price for adults (above 12 years) and Rs. 10 for senior citizens. Camera fee – Rs 20.

The moment you enter the zoo it is visible – well-maintained, well-made paths with directions for visitors.

During the tour, I saw varieties of birds such as Black Ibis, Greater Flamingo, Ruddy Shelduck, Eurasian Marsh Harrier, Barn Owl, Indian Spotted Eagle, Sun Conure, Dusky Lory, Lady Amherst’s Pheasant, Lovebird, Budgerigar, Silver Pheasant, Ring-necked Pheasant, Domoiselle Crane, Common Crane, Rose-ringed Parakeet and many more…

Other than birds the zoo is also one of the best for wild animals watching such as Leopard/Panther, White Tiger, Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian Giant Squirrel, Bonnet Macaque, Marmoset, White Buck, Hippopotamus, Indian Bison, Star Turtles, Crocodile, Striped Hyena, Porcupine and many more…

There is an aquarium too having varieties of fish such as Golden Fish, Guppy, Rosy Barb, Red Parrot, Koi carp, Red Eye Tetra, Sukkar Fish, Silver Dollar, Angel, Molly, Platy, Pearl Scale Fish, etc., etc.

We also saw Cobra, Common Rat Snake, Common Sand Boa, and Indian Trinket. And display boards enhance knowledge about snakes in general and their features, myths, and precautions to prevent snakebites, and cure them.

A mini-bus was parked. Upon query we were told, there is a small ride for Rs. 25/per person to watch a few more wild animals kept a little deep inside the zoo. We purchased the ticket for the tour.

Altogether it was a knowledgeable tour. I suggest one should visit especially because it is one of the oldest zoos in India.

Sakkarbaug Zoo Timings: 9 am – 6 pm and Wednesday closed.

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