Bhang (cannabis) as an Offering to Lord Shiva

Bhang (cannabis) as an Offering to Lord Shiva

Raj – The cyclist. I saw him opposite the Red Fort between Shri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir Ji and Lal Quila Metro Station (Chandni Chowk, Delhi).

Upon query, he enhanced my knowledge that the Bhang (cannabis) he is carrying on his cycle is an offering to the 800-plus-year-old Shri Gauri Shankar temple (built by Apa Gangadhar) nearby. Every day he peddles a cycle from Yamuna bank to deliver it.

The weight of the Bhang is approx. 40 kg and it costs Rs. 500/- only.

Bam Bam Bhole – said I.

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