About: Hawa Mahal (in Hindi)

About: Hawa Mahal (in Hindi)

The Hawa Mahal located at Badi Chaupar was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh (1778-1803 AD) of Jaipur in 1799 AD. Its architect was Usta Lalchand.

Autumn festivals were celebrated on the first floor of this two square five-storey building. The second floor is decorated with inlay work, hence it is called Ratan Temple. On the third floor of Vichitra Mandir, the Maharaja used to worship his deity, Shri Krishna. The fourth floor is Prakash Mandir and the fifth is Hawa Mandir, due to which this building is called Hawa Mahal.

If you stand in the Sirahdyodi market, then the shape of Hawa Mahal looks like Krishna’s crown, as Maharaja Pratap Singh wanted to make it.

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