The Ruins of The Great Stupa, Nalanda Mahavihara

The Ruins of The Great Stupa, Nalanda Mahavihara

This temple is most imposing structure in comparison to others spread all around and having seven phase of construction. Earlier four phases are too dilapidated and very small in dimensions which have been concealed again. Fifth, sixth, and seventh phase may be seen clearly with their separate staircase. On the basis of art and architecture, the fifth phase has been assigned to sixth century A.D. which contains beautiful stucco images placed in the niches on the exterior walls of the temple. Decorative solid towers were erected at four corners but only two are now visible. Sixth and seventh phases are further enlargement in dimensions by way of concealing the earlier structure. Contrary to the general scheme of other temples at the site this temples is facing to north. The pedestal atop once contained a colossal image probably of Buddha. A large number of votive stupas and miniature shrines have been added around this temple by the devotees at different points of time among which a chariot shaped shrine near the south-east corner in worth mentioning.

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