Raja Ram Lassi Wale – Serving Since 1895

Raja Ram Lassi Wale – Serving Since 1895

Raja Ram Lassi Wale – pride of Prayagraj. The most satisfying Lassi in Prayagraj.

I loved the taste and freshness of Lassi, especially in Kulhad (hand-made clay pot). Awesome! Heavenly!

It was thick and creamy. The quantity is more than enough for a person to finish. Totally worth the money.

And then I had one of a different kind of sweet that is Khurchan. First time in my life. Yummilicious!

The owner of the shop is a very friendly person. Had talks. And this is what he has to share:

Raja Ram was my grandfather’s name. The shop opened in 1895. Grandfather’s brother used to sell milk. Later, grandfather started selling lassi.

Earlier only lassi was available. Later on, Paneer, Rabri, Makkhan, Khurchan, Red/Black Gajar (carrot) Halwa, Mawa (khoya) were added.

In starting, 1 paise, 2 paise was the Lassi price. Now the price is 40 rupees per Kulhad.

As the big and small Kulhad is over, nowadays lassi is available in the same size Kulhad.

Otherwise, the price for a small Kulhad was 30 Rs and 60 Rs. for a big Kulhad.

Earlier the shop used to open at 7 in the morning during grandfather’s time and closed at 11 in the daytime.

Earlier curd was used to be stored in 100 big-size earthen pots to make Lassi. Now curd is stored in steel plates because these days earthen pots are not of that good quality. They drop color, so curd is stored in steel plates.

Earlier 100 big-size earthen pots used to finish between 7 am to 11 am.

Earlier there was a queue. There was no other shop selling lassi here in the locality.

Currently, the timings of the shop are from 7 am to 11 pm. 365 days open.

In Holi and Shivratri, we sell Thandai also.

Rabri, Lassi, Curd, and Paneer are for 10 months. Everything else is made only in winter.

Lassi is of normal white color. There is Curd, Sugar, Cream, Rabri added to it. In winter, Saffron Milk is also added to Lassi.

Many people also love to add Makhan into Lassi.

I am the 4th generation. My name is Satyam Vaish. We are locals known as Allahabadi.

Malaiyo is 50 Rs. for 100 gum. Bhurra, Cardamom, and Saffron is added to it while serving.

Here it is called Malai-Makhan. In Banaras, they call it Malaiyo. In Delhi it is called Daulat ki Chaat. At Kanpur it is called Hawa-Hawai and in Mirzapur, it is called Bal-Makhan.

It has many names. It is made only three months in winter.

Malai-Khurchan is 100 gm for 45 rupees. Rabri is Rs. 40 for 100 gm.

Wow-what a piece of information shared. Thank you for sharing. Thanks a ton.

If anyone is a Lassi lover must visit this place at least once to gulp down a glass of flavorful Lassi.

A glass of lassi here will let you feel refreshed in Prayagraj.

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