Suraj Chhatri – Constructed in the Year 1674 A.D.

Suraj Chhatri – Constructed in the Year 1674 A.D.

How did I reach Suraj Chhatri in Bundi (Rajasthan)?

Chhatri on top of Aravalli Hills and Taragarh Fort, the undefeated Fort of Bundi, are two important structures that definitely attract many eyes via passing through National Highway 12 no matter day or night. I had to stop Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike at National Highway 12 the moment I saw both.

Yes, I was on the Bundi tour. Chhatri visit was the first priority, but how – the question.

Upon query, I was guided by a local – There are two ways to reach, but for both ways, I need a guide.

I requested Guddu Ji – a dear friend to arrange the guide and  Ashok Ji – The guide was present.

Ashok Ji said – Suraj Chhatri is the location for the first rays of the morning Sun. In other words, the best location to watch the Sunrise.

But how to reach it? – I question.

The shortest route to reach Suraj Chhatri is next to Akhare Wale Hanuman Ji temple popularly known as Rasala ke Balaji and another one is approx. eight km journey.

The next day early in the morning hours I and Ashok Ji drove Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark to watch the Sunrise. The city was almost asleep though few early risers were on the road for the morning walk. We parked the motorbike outside Balaji temple, a narrow path next to the temple wall towards the hill. I was following Ashok Ji carrying a torch as it was dark and the path new. Ashok Ji is a local man well aware of the path, and ways of climbing, but I was not but was trying my best to follow in his footsteps.

The narrow hilly path is surrounded on two sides by babool, khejde, dhokda trees, and shrubs. Ouch – babool thorn-pierced sleepers. Fifty more meters and a feel climbing is not possible because the path was not man-made and steep though few men, maybe with animals for grazing walked through this path. I requested Ashok Ji to drop the idea of a further walk and follow another route, the eight km one.

Ashok Ji tried to convince me but I was adamant not to walk further as it may be risky especially when I am in sleepers. Maybe if I was local it was easy to climb, but I am from plains and unable to climb especially if the path is not well-made. Anyways, motorbike ride again we towards National Highway 12. Half km NH 12 ride towards Jaipur (if not Kota) and a right turn towards the board indicating towards Doordarshan.

Silent approx. 2 km road crossing Rampuriya village, right turn at Phool Sagar Chauraha, two km further driving and right turn for Suraj Chhatri.

Dobra Mahadev – Ashok Ji was indicating a path on the right side of the road. I was listening and driving. Twenty-five meters inside the jungle I parked the motorbike close to Shikar Burj. Shikar Burj is a place wherein earlier days Kings used to visit for hunting.

The air is cold. It is a jungle area. Ashok Ji said when he was a child the whole of the area all around Bundi was dense jungle, and to reach Suraj Chhatri via an eight km path or any other way was difficult and unimaginable. I was thinking still it is not that easy for someone to reach without the help of a guide. Thank you, Ashok ji said I.

Again no man-made path. All-natural. I was liking the jungle trail. Many times we have to bend our backs to pass through babool, Khejda, Cherail bushes, some with thorns, some without, and many times rocky paths we have to climb. Suraj Chatri wasn’t visible yet, we continued walking, entering deep inside the jungle. After about 10-15 minutes of walking, we saw a glimpse of a structure. It is indeed Suraj Chatri – said I. Yes, the confirmation was from Ashok ji.

Finally, we reached, but we were a little late maybe approx. 5 minutes. The Sun was out but anyways, I was happy. Time for photography.

Bundi city, and Taragarh Fort are all in front of us and the rising Sun. Beautiful atmosphere. We are on top of the Aravalli mountains. Sun God’s idol is present with seven horses. The year it was established was embossed I guess 17 hundred something. I tried to read but may be written in the Sanskrit language, so I gave up. Will try to know more about the same, said I and sat down after prayers to watch the Sun in front of us and its rays straight towards the Sun idol. Bundi houses are almost blue. Nobody else is present except Ashok Ji and I. What a moment – said I. Thank you, Ashok Ji Thank you. And this is the best route though it is also not an easy one without you – said I.

While returning, we followed another route via Jaitsagar, Sarbagh, Bangaga – another tourist place just for curiosity to know the Bundi distance. In both ways, we discover 8 km approx. to reach Suraj Chhatri or vice versa.

Will say climbing is not advisable, and the one I followed maybe is the best route to reach if you want to watch the early sunrise, but that too not without a guide because it is a jungle area.

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