Hand Crank Flashlight

Knowledge is everywhere if I am ready to grasp. To be honest I lack knowledge but many times I am ready to learn and one of the interest is towards older subjects and antiques.

During Bundi tour I along with guide was driving towards Dobra Mahadev – Lord Shiva temple situated within jungle as usual by Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike. After parking, walking and prayers I was looking at a slingshot hanging close to temple door and tried to pull the rubbers aiming aimlessly remembering childhood days when I used to purchase the same from the market or sometimes handmade while using Guava tree branches. And then I saw an old radio.

The priest maybe was observing. He showed the radio. Philips make having a place for crank as well as space for batteries. The crank was broken due to fall but radio was working with batteries. It was new information as I haven’t seen radio with crank till-date. Then I was shown something which was another interesting knowledge – Hand Crank Flashlight without batteries.

A crank to rotate to store energy for the bulbs to light and to control lights three switches to  be used as per darkness. I find it very interesting as well as very useful specially where there is electricity an issue and maybe for those people who cannot afford batteries for torches. Torch without batteries I have to say knowledge enhanced. Thanks to priest. He said the torch was donated by a foreign tourist during temple visit. Very nice – said I. So much to know – said I.

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