Immortal Story of Shri Jainti Mata

Immortal Story of Shri Jainti Mata (Mohali, Punjab, India)

The Temple of Jayanti Mata is believed to have been established approximately 600 years ago. The original temple of the Mata is situated in Kangra. As per the legend, there was a girl in Kangra who was a devotee of Mata. On being engaged to be married to the Raja of Hithnour city and not being able to reconcile to separation from the Mata, she prayed to the goddess. Mata appeared in her dream and promised that they would never be separated.

After the marriage, when doli of the girl was to depart for Hithnour, it became so heavy that it could not be lifted. The Girl then reminded her father about the dream and a statue of the Mata was placed in the doli which was later established as the deity at this temple site.

This temple was originally small and was expanded by Raja of Mullanpur Garibdass. A Large fair is organized here on the birthday of Shr. Guru Ravidas Ji.