Meera Fort (Kudki) – Birth Place of Meera Bai

Meera Fort (Kudki) – Birth Place of Meera Bai

Recently I along with a few other motorbike riders visited Kudki – The Birth Place of Meera Bai. We followed National Highway 89 from Pushkar till we reached Padu Kalan i.e., 38 km approx. drive from Pushkar. And then there are two turns – one is a right turn that goes to Merta City and a left turn that will take you to Kudki via Riya Badi. Riya Badi bus stand is approx. 11 km from Padu Kalan. Once you reach Riya Badi bus stand, take a right turn and drive another 16 km to reach Kudki but remember you have to ask a little for directions because you will pass through fields, Dhani (a very small village around fields).

While returning, we follow another road route. Close to the birthplace of Meera Bai and Neelkanth Mahadev Mandir, there is a small road. Follow the road to reach Pisangan. Once you reach Pisangan take the left turn for Pushkar driving via Picholia.

Kudki to Pisangan is approx. 16 km. Pisangan to Picholia 10 km. Picholia to Pushkar is 18 km approx.

Road condition, of course, National Highway 89 drive is better but passing through villages is what I like.

In short, the shortest road route from Pushkar to Kudki is via Picholia, Pisangan.

Meera fort renovation is currently in progress. Tourists are not allowed to enter but yes, after June they said you are welcome.

Pushkar to Kudki distance via National Highway 89 is 65 Km approx.

Kudki to Pushkar via Pisangan distance is 44 km approx.

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