When The First Time I Ate Shahtoot ke Pakore

When The First Time I Ate Shahtoot ke Pakore

Dharamsala to Amritsar solo Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike drive during the rainy season via National Highway 20 and 15 I stop at International Dhaba – the left-hand side of National Highway 15 at Gurdaspur for Lunch. The owner of the Dhaba was plucking leaves from a particular tree, and I questioned: Why you are doing so?

He said: Will make pakoras.

I was amazed by the reply and another question: Which tree is this?


A request for a few Garma Garma Shahtoot ke pakore and he nodded Yes.

After lunch, I tasted a few, and the conclusion: remind Methi Ke Pakore – Tasty. I requested more and the preparation method.

Besan (Bengal Gram Flour), sliced onion, chili powder, salt as per taste, chopped Shahtoot leaves, and a little sprinkle of water all mix together, and finally deep fry the mixture in the hot oil. Once brown ready to serve – simple.

Thank you – said I. Road journey is exciting.

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