History of Shri Sundar Narayan Temple – Built in 1756 A.D.

1) This temple was built by Sardar Shri Gangadhar Yashwant Chandrachud in the year 1756 A.D. (Shalivahan Shak (year) 1678).

2) The total cost of construction was Rs. 10,00,000 (10 Lakh).

3) This temple is built in such a way that each year, on the 20th & 21st of March, at sunrise, the sun rays fall on the feet of the God Vishnu (Shri Sundar Narayan).

4) Since the time of Peshwas, a yearly grant of Rs. 802/- is given by the government to the temple.

5) The statue of Shri Sundar Narayan is at the center. On the right is Goddess Shri Laxmi and to the left is Goddess Shri Vrunda. Their carrier (vahana) Shri Garud sits in the front.

6) The mythological story of this temple can be found in the holy book ‘Kartik Mahatmya’.

7) It is believed that on the day of Vaikunth Chaturdarshi, in the month of November, Shri Sundar Narayan (Hari, Vishnu) meets Shri Kapaleshwar (Shiv, Mahadev). This is known as the Hari-Har meet.

8) There are idols of a standing Ganesha, Kal Bhairav (Shiv), and Maruti (Hanuman) in a sitting posture.

9) In the year 1848 A.D., the dome of this temple was struck by lightning, causing damage to it.

10) Every year, as per the Tithi of Hindu calendar, there is a festival for 6-7 days.

11) This festival is held in November/December from Dashmi (10th day of waxing moon) to Pratipada (first day after full moon).

(Source: Display/Notice Board at Shri Sundar Narayan Temple)

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