How I Reached Trimbakeshwar from Nashik Road Railway Station?

JANSHATABDTI EX (12071) was on time (15:35) at Nashik Road Railway Station. Now the question was: How to reach Trimbakeshwar from Nashik Road Railway Station?

I have read somewhere on the internet that from Nashik Road Railway Station to Trimbakeshwar there is a bus but no bus timings, bus number, and bus fare were mentioned.

I kept walking for 50 meters and found a bus depot just outside Nashik Road Railway Station.

I enquired about the bus number for Trimbakeshwar.

I was told – bus numbers 245 and 245 A both will go to Trimbakeshwar. And the bus fare was Rs. 63 per person.

I was on the bus.

The Ashok Leyland CNG bus took approx. 1 hour 45 minutes to reach Trimbakeshwar from Nashik Road Railway Station.

Though the distance between Nashik Road Railway Station and Trimbakeshwar is 39 km approx. but the reason for the long journey hours was – The bus entered Nashik city bus depot also before heading to Trimbakeshwar and it was a working day – traffic on-road.

While returning from Trimbakeshwar on Sunday the bus took 1 hour 15 minutes only though again it entered Nashik city bus depot.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the bus journey. The bus was not crowded and clean too.

The CNG buses from both sides (Nashik Road Railway Station and Trimbakeshwar) start at 5 am and till 9 pm. Yes, you have to hire an auto (Rs. 50) at the Trimbakeshwar CNG bus depot to reach the hotel or temple as the bus depot is a little outside the main town limits.

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