50,000+ km – RE Thunderbird 350 Seat Cover Replacement for the Second Time

50,000+ km – RE Thunderbird 350 Seat Cover Replacement for the Second Time

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark 350 – I purchased it in 2010 from Mumbai.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark 350, Seat Cover Replacement for the First Time, I did in Rishikesh in the year 2013, November.

By that time I had driven solo more than 29,000 km. And how much do I pay?

Rs. 300/- only for rexine seat cover and was made within one hour almost exactly the original seat cover design.

The current year is 2020 (almost ending). There was a need to change the seat cover again as it was torn and the foam inside was also damaged.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 - 2010 Model - Old and Torn Seat Foam

I enquired at Royal Enfield service center in Mumbai – How much for Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 Seat Cover replacement?

The reply was – somewhere between 550 – 600 rupees. I enquired another seat cover maker and the reply was Rs. 1000.

Big difference – a thought.

Then, I also enquired about a brand new complete seat and the price was – approx. 1800 rupees and Rs. 3000 approx.

Again, big difference. Maybe Rs. 3000 is the original Royal Enfield complete seat and Rs. 1800 – The local made.

Finally, I decide to visit (personally) seat cover makers and I found – Salim Seat Cover Works at Juhu Lane, Andheri – West, Opposite: Shri Mahavira Jain Vidyalaya (nearby Navnit Motors) – almost at a traffic light junction.

Salim Seat Cover Works, All Motorbike Seat Cover, Juhu Lane, Andheri-West, Mumbai

Salim and his son was busy. Upon query about seat covers availability, Salim showed two types of rexine cover for the seat.

One is for 350 rupees and another for 550 rupees.

I selected another one and requested him to give some discount.

Salim said – Last price – Rs. 500.

I told him – the last time I replaced the seat cover (rexine ) was in 2013 and the cost was Rs. 300 only. It lasted for 7 years.

He said – Don’t worry.

Salim said – He is having 33 years of experience in motorbike seat cover making. He has spent thirty years at Grant Road and then three years at a nearby location and now since last four months at this location.

Great – said I.

He started the work. The seat plate was removed. It was too rusty.

Maybe I have to change it completely (*if available), after six/twelve months.

*(I was told by a friend that Royal Enfield has stopped manufacturing Old Model Thunderbird Twinspark 350)

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 - 2010 Model - Old and Rusty Seat Plate

Salim removed the old cover and found that the foam of the seat was also damaged and torn.

He said – Don’t’ worry, I will fix it. What’s the use of experience, if, I can’t fix it.

He inserted new foam at the damaged torn seat/foam area and fixed it brilliantly. I was impressed.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 - 2010 Model - Repaired Old and Torn Seat Foam

Salim did all the job excellently. The new seat cover was ready and fixed. Problem solved – only for Rs. 500. I was happy.

He completed the job within 20-30 minutes. Remarkable.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 - 2010 Model now with New Seat Cover

Isn’t it fantastic? It is.

Thank you, Salim & Son.

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