50,000+ km – First Time RE Thunderbird 350 Handle Bar Right-Hand Switch Replacement

50,000+ km – that’s what speedometer was showing and as said before, I was at Ishna Wheels at Nehru Nagar, Vile Parle (West), Mumbai for Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark 350 servicing.. I had already taken an appointment.

Jesu The service advisor was present at the counter. He came and thoroughly inspected the motorbike.. gave a rough estimate but more than that he showed Handle Bar Right-Hand Switch – which was loose. The lock (red-circle in the below image) was broken and the switch was not available with them.

Right-Hand Switch Module for RE Thunderbird 350

That means I have to purchase it from any other Royal Enfield authorized service centre or from any other Royal Enfield spare-parts shop.

I enquired with Sharda Motors and Sons (Goregaon, Mumbai). They do servicing only for Royal Enfield motorbikes and sell Royal Enfield spare-parts too.

The switch was available with them for Rs. 280/- and it is original – The reception person said.

Before going to Sharda Motors and Sons I enquired with another Royal Enfield spare-parts shop and the switch price was for Rs. 300.. The make – Minda.

I dialed Sharda Motors again and a question – What’s the make of the switch?

The owner of the shop enhanced knowledge by saying – Royal Enfield only make Engines.

But if I remember correctly, Royal Enfield spare-parts are neatly packed inside Royal Enfield marked packets/boxes.

Anyway, whatever.. After servicing at Ishna Wheels, next day I reached Sharda Motors and purchased the switch.

Fitting charges – Rs. 70 which I think is little more. Rs. 50 is Ok.

Anyway, readers – you must be wondering how Handle Bar Right-Hand Switch look like?

Handle Bar Right Hand Switch for Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350

The above shown switch is the original one which came with the brand new Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 in the year 2010 and the make was – Minda.

Now original one is fixed too and working fine. Thanks to Sharda Motors and Sons.

One request to Royal Enfield – please display Royal Enfield spare-parts at your website with price. Possible?

Note: Royal Enfield display accessories with price at their website but I wish them to display spare-parts and its price also.

One more question to Royal Enfield – How they can help/join so that in coming months..

The journey continues..

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