गुरुद्वारा श्री पॉँवटा साहिब संक्षिप्त इतिहास

गुरुद्वारा श्री पॉँवटा साहिब संक्षिप्त इतिहास

Gurudwara Sri Paonta Sahib (H.P.)

Brief History

1. Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj came here on April 14, 1685, at the invitation of King Medini Prakash of Nahan and stayed here for about 4 and a half years. It was here that he got King Medini Prakash Sirmaur Pati and Fateh Shah Tehri Garhwal treaty done.

2. It was here that Guru Gobind Singh’s eldest Sahibzade Ajit Singh was born from the womb of Mata Sundari (1686 AD).

3. Here, Guru Maharaj ji built Garh Paonta (Fort) in an area of ​​1 and a half miles and made the general public proficient in weapons and war policy.

4. While staying here, Guru Sahib composed Jaap Sahib, Akal Stuti, Dasam Granth, and many Bani.

5. Going from here to Kalsi, Kalpi Rishi was brought in a palanquin with great respect, whose liberation took at this place.

6. By building a residence here, he fought a war against many hill kings on the field of Bhangani and won in which two sons of Peer Buddhu Shah Sadhaure Wale, a nephew, and many other disciples were martyred.

7. At this place, Guru Maharaj presented a comb, a small kirpan, and a decree to Peer Buddhdu Shah.

8. Here Guru Gobind Singh ji along with his poets used to decorate the court of poets. Here, being pleased with the beautiful poetry of Chandan Kavi, he awarded 65,000 coins.

9. From this place, five Sikhs were sent to Kashi to study Sanskrit and got many ancient literatures translated into vernacular languages.

10. The foundation stone of this city was laid by Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj.

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