About: Mandir Shri Durveshvar Mahadev (Dal Lake) – Also known as Chhota Manimahesh

About - Mandir Shri Durveshvar Mahadev, Dal Lake (Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India) - Also known as Chhota Manimahesh

This temple of Durveshvar Mahadev is 200 years old. It was built by Mr. Kaleshwar Singh Rana, a resident of the village and Post Office, Gharoh.

According to a legend, according to the religious importance of this Dal Jheel, people here also call it ‘Chhota Manimahesh’. Whatever is obtained from Manimahesh‘s visit and bath and the darshan of Lord Shankar, where the same is obtained from the bath in the dal and the worship and circumambulation of Durveshvar Mahadev.

Every year after 15 days of Janmashtami, a fair is held here on the day of Radha and Durga Ashtami. Tatta bath and cold bath have their own importance. If the date of the fair comes after 20 days from Sankranti, then the cold bath is done and before 12 days, the Tatta bath is done. People give more importance to Tatta baths. Lakhs of people come from far and wide to take a bath at this holy bath. Those who cannot go to ‘Manimahesh’ make their life successful by taking a bath in this Dal lake and seeing Durveshvar Mahadev.

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