Bara Pathar (Nainital) – Horse Riding Rates and View Points

Bara Pathar (Nainital) – Horse Riding Rates and View Points

Bara Pathar (Nainital) – The location where I saw hundreds of horses ready for various peaks, viewpoints, and picnic spots. To be honest, due to short of time and the rainy season skip the ride but as per display-board Waterfall, Khurpatal, Naina Peak (2610), Dorothy Seat (2292), Tiffin Top (2292), Himalaya Darshan (2270), Kilbury (2194), Lands End (2118), Tiger Top can be reached through horse riding.

Rate-List (as per display board):

  • Waterfall, Khurpatal to and fro – Rs. 600/-
  • Lands End, Tiger Top, Tiffin Top, Dorothy Seat – Rs. 400/-
  • Himalaya Darshan to and fro – Rs. 300/-
  • Kilbury to and fro – Rs. 800/-
  • Lands End to and fro – Rs. 200/-
  • China Peak to and fro – Rs. 600/-
  • One hour roaming around – Rs. 200/-
  • Full-Day horse riding charges – Rs. 1000/-

(Rs. 10/- to be paid extra for each said tour for Samiti receipt)

Maybe next time during the winter season I will try to visit Nainital again. As per experience close to the rainy season Himalaya Darshan (view) is not possible but yes, at the same time visiting Nainital after a few showers is lovely to watch, and lovely to roam around.

Other than the above-mentioned viewpoints there are a few more Peak and Picnic Spots in Nainital situated at higher altitudes such as:

  • Lariya Kanta – 2485
  • Camels Back – 2422
  • Hanumangarhi – 1950

(all above numbers are in meters)

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