Shri Kainchi Hanuman Mandir and Ashram – Founded by the famous Maharaj Neem Karoli Baba in 1962

Shri Kainchi Hanuman Mandir and Ashram, Kainchi Dham (Nainital, Uttarakhand, India)

Nainital to Shri Kainchi Hanuman Mandir and Ashram (Kainchi Dham) via Golu Devata temple is 32 km approx.

I suggest one should first visit Golu Devata Temple approx. 19 km from Nainital via Bhowali. Once your reach Bhowali main chauraha (roundabout) turn right for a further seven km approx journey towards Golu Devata temple. After prayers reach Bhowali roundabout again for Kainchi Dham.

Kainchi Dham is situated in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand and is approx. 13 km from Golu Devata temple and from Bhowali roundabout approx. 6 km.

I started the journey at 13 afternoon hours and reached Golu Devata temple at 14 hours. After prayers re-started the journey at 15 hours and reached Kainchi Dham at 15:45.

Dham Timings:

Winter: November to March – Morning 7 to Evening 6

Summer: April to October – Morning 6 to Evening 7

(Kainchi Dham is 18 km approx. from Nainital via Bhowali)