Shri Brahmadev Devasthan (Brahma-Karmali Village) – The 12th Century A.D. Brahma Statue

Shri Brahmadev Devasthan (Brahma-Karmali Village) – The 12th Century A.D. Brahma Statue

When I was a teenager one of my friends questioned: Why in general Lord Brahma is not worshiped?

And He was correct as Lord Ganesha/Lord Shiva/Goddess Durga And many are worshiped but never saw Lord Brahma’s idol within the temples/Home. Then I was told by the same friend that within Pushkar (Rajasthan) there is one temple dedicated to Lord Brahma and the story of why the Lord is not worshiped.

The story I do not remember but the question was within and to know the answer – The curiosity. Though I never visited Pushkar years passed, and I visited Goa and Lord Brahma temple located at Sattari taluka, Goa.

Visiting Shri Brahmadev Devasthan, Brahma-Karmali village, Sattari taluka in North Goa district was sure, but as it was for the decision to drive was pending. One day early in the morning I decided to visit And on the way.

And finally, Shree Brahmadev Devasthan – The temple of Lord Brahma:

– Prayers

And Shri Brahmadev Devastan temple/idol History I read within temple souvenir:

12th century AD Kadamba period idol. Earlier the idol was at Karmali village or Carambolim village. During the 16th century AD when the Portuguese ruled Karmali/Carambolim the idol was brought to Sattari taluka And when Sattari was under Portuguese rule in the year 1781, the idol was finally installed at a small village later named as Brahma-Karmali village.

And the years-old query:

The question was repeated and a request with the temple priest to guide. The reply was done, and after years finally the answer.

But the wish is to question you – The readers the same question to know your answer/s if you wish to share through comments, Please. Be sure I will reply to the answer but the day I visit Pushkar (Rajasthan).

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