Butterfly Conservatory of Goa – An NGO Regenerating Forest

Butterfly Conservatory of Goa – An NGO Regenerating Forest

Butterfly Conservatory of Goa

Rajnagar, Pisgal – Priol, Ponda, Goa

(3 km approx. from Noorani Masjid)

The above address and a few landmarks as guided by conservatory owners over the phone. Noorani Masjid – The first one if driving from Panjim and a left turn inside the lane. Sai Service is another landmark and approx. 100 meters before Arya Cashew Products Pvt. Ltd.

I was there and a display board on the road showed the final direction to reach the park.

Timings: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

 Rs. 150/person – A ticket helps to maintain the conservatory/add to butterfly numbers.

Dr. Jyoti Heblekar And Prasad – The owners were present, and I – The visitor/tourist on tour with queries such as history, the idea behind the park and to enhance knowledge about butterflies. A walk inside the greenery started while I looked at photographs displayed at the entrance. Various colorful butterflies. All photographs captured by Prasad and Yashodan Heblekar – said Dr.

1200 sq. mts. of undeveloped hilly area purchased 5 years back – The history but last 3 years wild plants (butterflies mainly attract towards wild plants) from Anmod Ghat, Amboli were brought mainly to develop a butterfly conservatory park – The idea as the love for the environment is existing since years and finally barren land turned into Butterfly Conservatory of Goa.

I observed lots-n-lots of butterflies flying passing by as we walk. Few tiny ones, a few colorful ones.

Also known as a dancing butterfly – said, Prasad.

Plum Judy – The butterfly was continuously rotating all over the floor, and I question:

Why dancing?

Actually collecting minerals to transfer it to the female for the protection of eggs.

I stop to watch for a few minutes as Plum Judy continues with the fine art.




Southern Bird-wing, you saw that? – said, Prasad.

Yes – said I but was unable to capture it within the camera as the fly was fast.

Don’t worry, come, I will show you the cocoon – said He.

Southern Bird-wing is India’s largest butterfly.

And I saw another one flying and disappearing fast.

These days attracting butterflies is not easy. Besides wild plants, butterfly bait is prepared manually. Rotten fruits such as apples, bananas, sitafal (custard-apple), chikoo (sapodilla) are purchased from the market and kept together safe from birds. Due to fruits, butterflies arrive and lay eggs on the plants’ leaves.

Sailor has one of the best flies.

Pyro is one of the smallest butterflies.

CupidCommon CrowCrimson RoseNawabGrass YellowChocolate Pansy And many more butterflies as we walk further. The best time to visit the conservatory is between 10:30 – and 11 morning – she suggests as butterflies are visible largely during this time.

Another query:

Prasad – I read about a lake above the hills. How to visit?

Approx. 2 km. is the distance from the park. Early in the morning, about 8:30 tour is organized after having breakfast provided by the conservatory park, and by afternoon we are back. Another nice location to visit, but separate charges are there for the same.

What is that inside the jar?

Larva. Whenever we see larva on plants we collect them and preserve them to save them. First, the butterfly lays eggs on leaves And eggs turn into a larva, and the larva into a pupa, and finally, a butterfly is born.

The effort, The initiative by Dr. Jyoti Heblekar, Yashodan Heblekar, Prasad, And Aakash – The caretaker is clearly visible. A beautiful conservatory is very natural to spend one day in for sure. Knowledge about butterflies enhanced – said I.

And a special house having mud, and lawn on top – only one within Goa. Yes, The Family – The proud owner. As the space for a lawn wasn’t there, the architect Abhijit Sadle from Goa was consulted and a lawn on top of the house was created. Two special tanks were built – 30,000 liters And 60,000 liters to store rain water for Butterfly Conservatory as well as for house usage.

Truly intelligent, Truly environmentalist – said I.

In short: The conservatory is Heaven for butterflies for sure, and we are welcome. Other than the above-said butterflies I also saw Plum Judy, Grey Count, and Mime Butterflies. A must-visit location for sure if one is touring Goa.

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