A Visit to Cashew Nut Processing Plant (Arya Cashew Products Pvt. Ltd.) in Goa

A Visit to Cashew Nut Processing Plant (Arya Cashew Products Pvt. Ltd.) in Goa

Arya Cashew Products Pvt. Ltd. – a sister concern of Sahakari Spice Farm read somewhere – places to visit within Goa and, finally, on the way for a visit to know more about the product tasted since childhood and favorite.

A.M. Sahakari – Managing Director was present. Within minutes, Dina Bandekar was present too. He – The Guide and was requested to show the factory, the process of cashew nut. And we were on the way.

Dina Bandekar has 30 years of experience within the cashew nut industry as narrated during talks while proceeding toward the factory. March/April/May – The season – said He.

And in-short the major steps below as narrated by him while showing the processing area:

  • The raw nut is purchased from the market at the rate of Rs. 60 approx. per kg. Most purchases are done locally as the cashew crop is one of the major ones. Other than Sindhudurgh (Maharashtra) is another source, and Yes, Sahakari are having their own crop.
  • For 2 days raw cashew is kept under sun rays. If not, it will be of no use.
  • The boiling plant is within the factory having a storage capacity of 320 kg. 4 bags consisting of 80 kg cashew are added inside. Fire is present that converts water into steam to reach the product. 40 minutes of boiling process and cashew is take-out and again one day to get it cool as during boiling it is hot.
  •  Manual machines are handled by ladies. Now cashews are there to be broken for cashew nuts to be taken out.

(The outer hard shell is taken by paint manufacturers as it is used to make wooden paint)

  • Drying chambers are within the factory. There is one brownish outer layer present on top of the cashew nut. Nuts are now placed within drying chambers for 8 hours
  • Once all this is done peeling process starts. As cashew nut is having brownish outer layer removed manually, which is called polishing, which turns cashew nut into the white color product.

(This outer brownish layer kept aside is used by boot polish manufacturers)

  • Once all the above process is done Cashew nut is almost ready but is in different sizes. Manual sorting is done. There are a few broken ones too during the process which are used by ice-cream makers.

And thus the whole process is complete. Cashew nut i.e., Kaju is ready for sale. The whole process started with Rs. 60 per kg is now between 320-600 per kg depending upon the quality of the cashew nut. The process seems to be an easy one but is not that easy because most of the job is done manually.

The factory operates for 10 months only. January-February it is closed as there is no work during those months but Yes, half salary is provided to the workers. Currently, 80 employees work for the plant, and out of 80, 75 are females. Only 5 men.

The reason?

Females are better at work associated with sitting in one place – said the MD.

Since 2004 this factory was owned by the Sahakari brothers. Any tourist is welcome to watch the process of cashew without any charges.

But Yes, I with a smile gave a small donation to Dina Bandekar.

Arya Cashew Nuts is approx. 3.5 km from Haveli Chowk, Belgaum National Highway 4A. Turn left (if coming via Ponda town) once you reach Haveli chowk.

Address: Arya Cashew Products Pvt. Ltd., Appevel village, Sarvorvare road, Ponda, Goa

Phone: 0832-2312423 Mobile: 0-9423837096

Visiting Hours: 8:30 morning – 5:30 evening (All days)

And will say: Yes, you should visit if visiting Goa.

FYI: What we eat (cashew nut) is a seed of a fruit.

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