Vapi Railway Station to Daman (vice versa) – How I Reached?

As per Google, Vapi Railway Station to Daman distance is approx. 11 km.

There are two ways to reach Daman from Vapi Railway Station.

  1. Taxi
  2. Bus

Sharing taxi for Rs. 40 per person is available outside (west side) of Vapi Railway Station. Taxi is written on the vehicle.

There is a bus also available but the bus depot is approx. 500 meters far from Vapi Railway Station (west side).

Vapi to Daman bus fare is Rs. 12 only.

But I suggest, for Vapi to Daman, a taxi is the best transport.

I opt for the bus from Vapi to Daman but there was a rush on the bus and I had to stand till the bus reached Daman.

While returning from Daman to Vapi Railway station I opt for a Taxi.

Note: At Daman, the Bus depot and Taxi stand both are at the same location.

Vapi to Daman (vice versa) travel time is approx. 30 minutes no matter if you opt for a bus or a taxi.

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