My Experience with ‘Shan Bike Hire’ in Daman

I search Google – two-wheeler rent in Daman.

And one of the first results – SHAN BIKE HIRE.

0 – 79 4724 3369 was the mobile number.

I had talks with Afsan over mobile.

I told him that on such and such date, I am visiting Daman and I want Honda Activa on rent to roam around.

As the date of my arrival was a little far, he suggested calling two days before the arrival date.

He gave me one more mobile number – 0 – 91064 86603 in case another one is busy.

Two days before my arrival I called Afsan on his mobile number and he assured me an Activa on rent for Rs. 500 per day.

The day I reached Daman Bus Depot/Taxi Stand I called Afsan again and within 10 minutes he arrived with an Activa 6g.

He requested to show Aadhaar Card so that he can click its photo as a deposit.

He gave me a helmet and requested to fill the petrol tank.

The petrol pump was just opposite the Bus Depot/Taxi Stand.

He requested to visit this location again to submit Activa 6g in the evening hours.

He said — He is just a call away.

Thank you – said I and I filled the petrol tank with Rs. 250 petrol.

The whole day I roam around Daman. Never for one second did Activa 6g give any trouble.

I was happy with the prompt and no-trouble service from Afsan/Shan Bike Hire.

During evening hours I visited Bus Depot/Taxi Stand again and gave a call to Afsan.

Within minutes he arrived. I paid him Rs. 500.

The petrol tank was still having ample petrol. I submitted Activa 6g to Afsan and said thanks.

In short, the best was the condition of Activa 6g and second, it was a zero deposit deal.

I suggest: If you guys visit Daman, you may contact SHAN BIKE HIRE for prompt service.

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