Clean Shave/Head Massage in Vapi – How much I Paid?

Clean Shave/Head Massage in Vapi I paid – Rs. 130.

I prefer Gillette shaving foam for a clean shave but this time in Vapi (Gujarat) near the railway station, the barber (non-air-conditioned shop) applied – V Mat shaving foam. No Animals Fat is written clearly. And the charges – Rs. 50 only.

Other than V Mat shaving foam till-date during various tours to various places the barbers have applied Gillette, Brooks, and Cimelle on my beard area. And honestly speaking I do not find any difference. Maybe someone has to throw light – The difference.

Anyway, after a clean shave during tours, I wish for a good head massage. The cost was Rs. 80.

I was happy with the clean shave but the head massage (including shoulders/arms/back) was not up to the mark.

Reason: There is a difference between a malishwala and a masseur.

Anyway, still I was feeling fresh to continue my journey via train.

What I learned till-date is: Clean Shave rates are almost the same in non-air-conditioned barber shops but head massage cost differs.

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