Patliputra Dharamshala – Budget Accommodation in Patna

Patliputra Dharamshala – Budget Accommodation in Patna

Room check-out time is 12 noon, otherwise charges for the next day will apply.

The Dharamshala manager has the right to give or not give a room in the Dharamshala to any person.

Passengers should submit a photocopy of their identity card while booking the room.

It is mandatory for all passengers staying in the room to be present while booking the room.

Room booking in Dharamshala is not done in advance.

Once the room is booked, there will be no change in same category.

Maximum 1 person can stay in single room, 3 in double room and 4 in triple room.

Persons enrolled in the register can stay in Dharamshala. If found more than that, the room will be vacated.

Room Rates of Patliputra Dharamshala (Patna, Bihar, India)

Necessary Instructions

1. It is mandatory to provide identity card to get the room.

2. Entry is prohibited in Dharamshala between 10:30 pm to 5:30 am.

3. It is the moral duty of every traveler to clean the Dharamshala and make proper use of the available resources.

4. Having meat, fish and intoxicants in Dharamshala is strictly prohibited.

(in Rs.)

V.I.P Room – 900
Single Bed Room – 150
Double Bed Room – 250
Triple Bed Room – 350
Special Room – 500
Deluxe Room – 500
A/C Room – 900
Deluxe Room with Geyser – 600

Attach your lock and key.

There is a provision of cooler for Super Deluxe in Dharamshala, the charge for which is Rs 50. Will have to be given daily.

Room leaving time – 12 noon.

Fare for the second day will be charged after 12 noon.

Address: Birla Mandir Rd, Sabzibagh, Bakarganj, Patna, Bihar 800004.

Phone: 077391 09344

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