Uttam Mithai Bhandar – 109-Year-Old Heritage Sweet Shop

I was traveling via JAN SHATABDI EX (12071) to tour Aurangabad (Maharashtra).

During the train journey, I had talks with a fellow passenger who was from Aurangabad and I asked:

What are the heritage places to eat in Aurangabad?

Uttam Mithai Bhandar near Supari Hanuman Mandir at Shahganj (Gulmandi) is one of the iconic heritage sweet shops in Aurangabad. It is one of the ancient/bestest/yummy sweet shops in Aurangabad having many varieties of sweets but Imarti is worth a try. Imarti is just delicious and mouth watering. Uttam Mithai Bhandar is very famous for imarti not only in Aurangabad but outside too. It is one of the city’s oldest/pre-independence/trusted sweet spots currently run by 4th generation. I have been visiting Uttam Mithai Bhandar since my childhood.

I question: How to reach Uttam Mithai Bhandar?

Sharing auto from Kranti Chowk will drop you at Paithan Gate for Rs. 10 or Rs. 20.

From Paithan Gate, Uttam Mithai Bhandar is within walking distance. As the sweet shop is quite old/famous, you can ask anyone if you can’t locate it.

Thank you Thank you Thank you – said I.

Finally, I reached Uttam Mithai Bhandar one day in morning hours.

Uttam Mithai Bhandar Timings: 6 am till 11 pm (365 days)

The current price of imarti is Rs. 360 per kg.

I requested for a plate of imarti.

Rs. 50 – The price – Pocket friendly.

I wasn’t disappointed. Imarti was yummylicious/super tasty. It was like melting nector in one’s mouth. As per the name of the shop, the imarti here was the best. If you love juicy sweets, do try. Imarti is their trademark and it still retains an old worldly charm. Don’t expect much with respect to ambience. Uttam Mithai Bhandar is a typical Indian sweet vendor.

Please Note: There is almost no parking space available in around Uttam Mithai Bhandar. Walking or visiting by a bike is the best option. Do take some pains to reach here through narrow lanes.

In short: Highly recommended. It’s a historic sweet shop especially for imarti – an Indian sweet.

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