Maa Sheetla Temple and The Mysterious Well of Emperor Ashoka

Maa Sheetla Temple and The Mysterious Well of Emperor Ashoka

Years ago I visited Maa Sheetla Temple and the mysterious gigantic well at Agam Kuan near Mahatma Gandhi Setu but during that time I was unaware of the history. But this time during the visit I met Shubham Sanyal – the third-generation priest of Maa Sheetla Temple and following is what he narrated about the History of Maa Sheetla Temple and the mysterious well.

Once our ancestors were doing mining work, the idol of Sheetla Mata and the nine Pindis (the mass of energy) were found.

There are nine Pindis in total here. 7 in the form of Sheetla Mata, one of the Badi/Chandi Mata, and one of Bhairon Devta.

Earlier mostly the villagers of Tulsimandi village used to come to worship in the temple.

Since 80+ years devotees from all over the places started visiting the temple.

Navratri and Sheetla Ashtami (after Holi – festival of colors) is the most auspicious day in a year. Prayers and Rituals are done especially by Mali samaj during those days.

It is a Siddha-Peeth. The temple attracts maximum devotees in the month of Ashadha (June – July).

Timings: 6 am – 2 pm / 4:30 pm – 9 pm (365 days open).

There is an unfathomable ancient well situated next to Maa Sheetla temple. It is believed that Ashoka (an Indian Emperor of the Maurya Dynasty) to obtain his throne, killed his 99 half-brothers and threw their bodies into the well.

Numerous efforts to find the depth of the well had been unsuccessful.

The well water never dries and is constant even during drought and floods. It changes its color to green/yellow/black in a day/season.

The water from the well is used to perform all the rituals and cleaning at this temple, 3 times daily.

It is believed that having a bath with well water cured skin diseases such as smallpox as well as chickenpox. It is also visited by devotees for wish fulfillment. As it is a part of a temple complex, devotees consider Agam Kuan as a sacred well.

Recently, in the year 1997, the temple was rebuilt by the former Chief Minister of Bihar – Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Knowledge enhanced. Thank you for sharing the history – said I. Obeisance offered wholeheartedly.

Readers, whenever you happen to be in Patna, don’t forget to visit Maa Sheetla Temple and the mysterious well.

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