Kaala Rasgulla – Unmatched Since 1965

Shahi Lassi Wala near Mahavir Mandir at Station Road, Patna, and Kala Manch sweet/namkeen shop at Bakerganj, Patna – the personal favorite for ages for its hot Kaala Jamun.

This time during Patna’s visit I re-visited Kala Manch’s sweet/namkeen shop to learn more about it.

We met Gopal Prasad Yadav – the owner of the sweet/namkeen shop. Sad to know his brother Shivnath Yadav is no more.

The shop is running since 1965 i.e., 57 years old.

When we used to visit this shop it was famous for ‘bomb’ – the popular name for Kaala Jamun and the price was Rs. 1 only.

Nowadays the price is Rs. 10 per piece but still very cheap. The best is that people have it with curd – a rare combination for Rs. 35.

Other than Kaala Rasgulla/Jamun they also sell – Rasgulla (Rs. 10), Samosa (Rs. 10), Kachori (Rs. 10), Puri (Rs. 4), Jalebi (Rs. 4), Dahi 100 gm (Rs. 15), Chura 100 gm (Rs. 18) and Sev 100 gm (Rs. 18).

Timings: 8 am – 9 Pm (7 days open except Holi/Dussehra)

Kachori with Ghugni – 12 Noon onwards.

This time we had Kachori with Ghugni and Kaala Rasgulla later.

The taste was extraordinary. Beyond imagination. Unmatched.

Readers, if you are passing via Bakerganj in Patna, try to visit this sweet/namkeen shop at Kala Manch.

Worth a visit at least once for sure. I packed a few Kaala Rasgulla for my local friends too.

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