Madan Mohan Temple – Sanatan Goswami Used to Worship Here

Madan Mohan Temple – Sanatan Goswami Used to Worship Here

Another day, another journey but since last night most of us were tired so am I. Past few days of continuously rigorous travel. Today we decided to tour Vrindavan City – Madan Mohan temple was our first visit.

Beautiful isn’t it? The temple was built by Multan businessman Ramdas. Before the temple’s existence, Sanatan Goswami used to pray, and worship Madan Mohan Ji at this location. Madan Mohan Ji was a 5 years old child discovered near the Yamuna river, Mathura brought up by Onkarnath Chaubey. One day during regular walks for alms Sanatan Goswami Ji reached Onkarnath Chaubey’s house and saw the child while playing with his friends turn himself into a deity to hide. The day he realized he was none other than God himself.

The temple was destroyed by Mughal ruler Aurangzeb. He demolished the dome of the temple and took the precious stone present above but somehow deity was saved as Maharaja of Jaipur shifted Govind Ji, Gopinath Ji, and Madan Mohan Ji deities to Jaipur. Later Madan Mohan Ji’s deity was shifted to Karauli, Rajasthan. It is said The Maharaja of Jaipur donated Madan Mohan Ji deity to her daughter during the marriage ceremony. What we nowadays watch within the temple is the replica of the original deity. During Sawan month as well as Kartik month there is a huge rush of devotees to offer prayers and offerings.

We offer prayers and walk towards the nearby Shri Radha Ras Bihari Asta Sakhi temple.

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