Sunset Point at Virupapur Gaddi near Hampi

Sunset Point at Virupapur Gaddi near Hampi in Karnataka, India

Virupapur Gaddi is across the Tungabhadra River on the other side of Hampi. Opposite Shanti Guest House on the right-hand side on top of a hill is Sunset point – one of the best places to watch Sunset. Matanga Hill at Hampi another one of the best places to watch the sunset is visible from this location and Hampi as well. In-short must-visit place for Sunset watching and even for boulder climbing.

Sanapur Lake: One of The Best Place to Spend an Evening near Hampi

Sanapur Lake near Hampi in Karnataka, India

Sanapur Lake is approx. 2 km from Virupapur Gaddi (another side of Hampi across the Tungabhadra River). Once you are on the main road turn left and drive or walk for one km approx. till you reach a village/marketplace. A right turn will straight take you towards Sanapur Lake. You may sit quietly with your friends anywhere near boulders present around the lake or you may walk or drive your scooter but it is sure Sanapur Lake is one of the best places to spend an evening and watching the sunset as well. Many tourists in groups you will find reaching by evening to spend quality time together. A must-visit place especially during evening hours. I have visited the lake during the early morning hours too but the evening hours at Sanapur Lake are one of the best for sure.

The Nine Brindavanas at Anegundi

Nava Brindavan at Anegundi in Karnataka, India

Nava Brindavan (The Nine Brindavanas) is an island having samadhis of nine great saints. To reach one has to hire a motorboat service from *Anegundi. Rs. 20/- per person to and fro the charges. It is about a 5-7 minute long unforgettable motorboat ride over the Tungabhadra River. After reaching the island, one has to walk approx. 50 meters to reach Nava Brindavan to offer prayers.

*Anegundi is approx. 6-7 km distance from Virupapur Gaddi (the other side of Hampi across the Tungabhadra River).

Lord Rama Shot an Arrow at Vali Nearby these Temples on Tungabhadra River Bank

Chintamani Temple at Anegundi nearby Hampi in Karnataka

This photo was taken during a visit to Nava Brindavan by a motorboat at Anegundi in Karnataka. Knowledge was enhanced by the boatman about the temples and during the temple visits, locals further enhanced knowledge by showing Sugriva‘s cave where Lord Rama for the first time met Sugriva and the place inside the cave where they sat and talked. And also the exact location nearby temples as per locals from where Lord Rama shot an arrow at Vali, fighting with Sugriva on the other side of Tungabhadra river.

These temples are at Anegundi approx. 6-7 km from Virupapur Gaddi (the other side of Hampi across the Tungabhadra River) popularly known as Chintamani Temple. A must-visit location to know the history of Vali and Sugriva’s fight.

Anjana Hill: One of The Best Place to Watch Sunrise near Hampi

Anjani Parvat (Birth Place of Lord Hanuman), Anegundi nearby Hampi, Karnataka, India

We started our TVS Scooty from Virupapur Gaddi (the other side of Hampi across the Tungabhadra River) at 5 am to reach Anjana Hill. It was dark and cold as well. We were not sure about the exact location except for the direction to follow: Turn right once on the main road and follow the road to reach Anjana Hill – The Birthplace of Lord Hanuman.

Soon after riding for approx. 1 Km, we saw white lights going up towards a hilltop. We were almost sure that must be Anjana Hill, and yes, we were correct. Anjana Hill is on the left-hand side of the road.

In short: Anjana Hill is situated between Hanumana Halli and Anegundi approx. 3-4 km from Virupapur Gaddi.

15 minutes approx. journey by scooter.

I was surprised to see more tourists already there sipping a cup of tea at a makeshift shop. Very good. We too requested two cups of tea (Rs. 10/each) and parked our scooters. After tea, we started climbing the stairs. 600 approx. At 5:45 am we reached the top of Anjana Hill.

History is written on the wall which says – Lord Hanuman was born 17,87,000 years ago.

Knowledge enhanced. Slowly-slowly more tourists arrived, and we all sat all-around big rocks to watch the Sun and its rise. Finally, at 7:00 am the wish was fulfilled. We also saw a few students with their teacher offering water to Sun. 8 am was temple aarti time. A student blew the conch to announce – it is prayer time. Everybody assembles inside the temple.

Altogether, it was a nice early morning tour to watch the Sunrise and to be present during prayer hours.

Anjana Hill – One of the best Sunrise points nearby Hampi for sure.

Sri Tulasi Garden – One of the Best Traditional Restaurant nearby Hampi

Tulasi Hotel, Anegundi (nearby Hampi), Karnataka, India

Virupapur Gaddi is across the Tungabhadra River where most of the travelers stay during the Hampi visit. We were in need of cash and someone suggested there is an ATM at Hampi but it was not working. Where is the next ATM?

Anegundi – we were told. And if that is also not working then we have to drive a few more kms to reach Gangavathi.

How far is Anegundi?

6 – 7 km from Virupapur Gaddi.

We started our TVS Scooty and reached within minutes. After the ATM as it was afternoon hours, we decided to have lunch. A few meters further and a left turn and on the right side opposite Nanjanagudu Sri Ragavendra Swamy Mutt we saw Tulasi Garden/Tulasi Hotel.

Only a few seats left. We grab our seats. Within minutes a plantain leaf commonly known as a banana leaf was placed on top of our table and water to wash it and later food was served by two ladies.

The best thing about this restaurant is – It serves traditional food. As per personal five years of travel, I have seen that wherever traditional food is served, people prefer to have it. If I am visiting a state, I wish to have traditional state food. A tough wish but is fulfilled a few times.

The food was coming straight from the kitchen. It was hot and very tasty. As the restaurant was very busy, I was unable to know the names of the food served, but yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the food.

Cost – Rs. 80/- unlimited.

Another best thing about the restaurant – it is open from 6:30 morning hours till 10 in the night. Great for travelers.

How much Laundry Cost Per Item I Paid in Virupapur Gaddi (another side of Hampi across the Tungabhadra River)?

Ezra Laundry Service, Virupapur Gaddi (Hampi), Karnataka, India

Virupapur Gaddi (another side of Hampi across the Tungabhadra River) may be the best location to stay or I can say at least I selected the same. The best about Virupapur Gaddi is all tourists daily requirements are available from early morning till late night hours at various shops and most important – The small location area-wise and picturesque.

Laundry was the utmost requirement. Washing clothes was not allowed inside the guest house except for smaller clothes. We visited one such makeshift shop – Ezra Laundry Service.

Laundry cost per item – I question.

Rs. 5 for small clothes such as a handkerchief, underwear, vest, and Rs. 10 for big ones such as trousers, shirt, t-shirt, and woolen clothes.

Delivery of clothes?

Next day – He said.

The next day he was prompt. The usual time is 24 hours but even on request within 6 hours clothes are washed, dried, and delivered. Excellent isn’t it? Cheap and best for budget travelers. And above all the spirit of work – This too shall pass. Wonderful.