About: Anjani Parvat Nearby Hampi – Place to Watch Sunrise

About: Anjani Parvat Nearby Hampi in Karnataka, India

Anjani Parvat (Hill) is approx. 3-4 km from Virupapur Gaddi (the other side of Hampi across the Tungabhadra River) and is one of the best places to watch Sunrise.

Lord Shri Hanuman ji was born 17,87,000 years before 2013 in Anjani Parvat Kishkindha. Here Anjani did penance for 7000 years. Kishkindha is the name of the kingdom of Bali. Here 33 crore deities of Sanatan culture reside in the form of monkeys and bears. Anjani Parvat is the origin place of devotion.