Radha Rani Mandir – Also known as Shriji Temple or Thakur Shri Ladli ji Maharaj Temple

After the visit of Mandir Shri Kushal Bihari Ji, I walk towards the nearby temple – Radha Rani temple situated on top of Brahamachal Parvat(mountain). I had talks with Shri Madan Lal Goswami – The priest present within the temple area and upon the request, he narrated The History of Radha Rani Temple:

Radha Rani Mandir is also known as Shriji mandir or Thakur Shree Ladli ji Maharaj Mandir. The temple was established by Shri Bhatt Narayan but from time to time various respected devotees such as Todarmal, Gwalior Naresh Man Singh, Jaipur King, Seth Harbulal renovated the temple.

Radha Rani was born in the month of Bhaado (August-September) thus birthday of Radha Rani is celebrated in the month of September. During Shravan month Hariyali Teej Jhula Festival commences and during Falgun month Lath Mar Holi is organized.

Aarti Timings

5:00/7:30 morning hours

2:00 afternoon hours

7:30/9 evening hours

Thank you – said I.

Donation and prayers.

Vrindavan to Barsana – Distance and Directions

The distance between Vrindavan to Barsana is approx. 40+ Kms. You have to reach Chhata/Barsana More (approx. 25 km from Vrindavan) via National Highway 2 and turn left. And from the left turn Barsana is approx. 19 km.

Recently during a visit to Barsana from Vrindavan to attend Laddu Holi and Lathmar Holi, I followed the route as below:

Vrindavan > Chhtikara by sharing the auto (Rs. 10)

Chhtikara > Chhata by ordinary bus (Rs. 18/21 km)

Chhata > Barsana by ordinary bus (Rs. 16/19 km)


Chhtikara > Barsana by ordinary bus (Rs. 32/40km)

(once I paid Rs. 26 from Chhtikara to Barsana but rates increase as per diesel rate I guess)

Chhtikara is 6 km from Vrindavan on National Highway 2. Maybe one will get the direct bus for Barsana, or one has to get down at Chhata to catch another bus for Barsana.

During Lathmar holi day there was a direct private bus from Vrindavan to Barsana – Rs. 70. And the same day while returning another private bus from Barsana to Chhtikara – Rs. 50/-.

(auto/mini ordinary bus fares are per person)

Road condition – fantastic. Chhata to Barsana drive is too good.

Once I travel from Vrindavan to Barsana via Auto.

I paid Rs. 700 auto fare from Vrindavan to Barsana to & fro 80+ km approx. total distance.

Auto fare is cheaper than the taxi as per inquiry with various travel agents.

Bus Service from Mathura Railway Station to Barsana

There are buses available from Mathura railway station for Barsana via Govardhan. Once you reach Govardhan walk further for 100 meters to catch another bus for Barsana. There are also a few autos available from Govardhan to Barsana.

Mathura railway station > Govardhan – approx. 20 km – bus fare Rs. 20/person

Govardhan > Barsana – approx. 20 km – bus fare Rs. 20/person

The above said is the most common bus route but there are few buses that follow another route i.e., Mathura station > Barsana More (Chata, National Highway 2) > Barsana. This is the better route due to less traffic and better road condition and no change of bus and most important it saves time but bus services few.