Vishwanath and Ardhnareshwar Temple – Lord appeared as Half-Shankar & Half-Parwati

Vishwanath and Ardhnareshwar Temple – Lord appeared as Half-Shankar & Half-Parwati

Upon the query Naveen Devshali one of the temple care-takers shared the History of Vishwanath and Ardhnareshwar Temple and I with curiosity – listening.

Vishwanath temple is the temple where Lord Shankar disappeared and swayambhu (self-manifested) Shivalaya appeared.

It is said when Pandavas killed their brother Kaurav during the Kurukshetra War sin was done i.e., Pitra Hatya (killing own family members). Lord Krishna suggested Pandavas to visit Kedar-Khand and pray in front of Lord Shiva. He will only offer Mukti (salvation) for the sin done. Pandav reached KedarKhand (Haridwar-Himalayas) in search of Lord Shankar but the moment the Lord was aware of their presence he disappeared from the meditating location and moved towards Kedarnath. Lord was not willing to meet Pandavas because he thought as Dwapar Yug is about to end and Kalyug will start soon if Pandavs were given Mukti then in-future i.e., Kalyug people will repeat such killing acts and will request for the Mukti (salvation).

Because Lord Shankar was meditating at this location and disappeared at this very location the area was named Guptkashi. Kashi is another name of Lord Shankar and Gupt is hidden.

As Lord Shankar was not present Pandavs with the bow & arrow pierced the land to flow the holy stream of Ganga and Jamuna to offer water to dead ancestors i.e., Pitra-Puja. The two water flow present within the temple is Ganga and Jamuna. The hidden flow path is not yet known but within the temple near the shivalaya Ganga is again visible a lit bit. Ganga is coming from Gangotri and Yamuna from Yamunotri.

There is another temple within the area i.e., Ardhnareshwar temple. It is believed Lord Parwati convinced Lord Shankar to appear in front of meditating Pandavs. Lord appeared finally in the form of half-Shankar and half-Parwati to bless Pandavs i.e., why named Ardhnareshwar (half man/half woman).

And I look around – old structures, old wooden doors, old mud walls exist. Happy very Happy. Old is preserved very well and towards the shivalaya. Prayers, donations, and words of Thanks – Thank you, Naveen Ji.

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