Kailash Cave, Loyal Village – Length 125 meters/Width 8 meters

Kailash Cave, Loyal Village – Length 125 meters/Width 8 meters

Chandan – The guide enhanced our knowledge about a newly found cave and we decided to visit. Scooty was not recommended because we have to drive uphill. A motorbike was required. This time I opted for the Hero Honda Splendor motorcycle. Cost Rs. 350 per day starting from 9 mornings till 9 night hours. Scooty is 100 rupees cheaper but then it is a risk to have it for an uphill drive I guess with two people.

At 11:15 we started our journey from Tapovan, Rishikesh and by 1:30 pm we reached the newly found cave i.e., Kailash Gufa, Loyal village. In between, we stop at Vashisht Gufa, Gular at 11:50 am.

Total journey time from Tapovan, Rishikesh to Kailash Cave, Loyal village: 2 Hours15 minutes.

Kailash cave is at Loyal village in Tehri Garhwal of Uttarakhand was discovered on 7th March 1997. A few village children were chasing sahi (Porcupine). It entered into a small space around rocks and when the rocks were removed huge cave was discovered by the villagers. The length of the Cave is 125 meters and the Width is 8 meters.

(narrated by Swami Hoshiyargiri – Priest of Kailash cave)

Hoshiyargiri also has sound knowledge of medicinal herbs and plants. If requested he will show you various herbs and plants such as Dalchini, Sarpgandha, Din ka Raja Plant – Violet, Vaijanti Plant, Shami tree, Rudraksha tree, Camphor tree, Bay leaf, Lemon Tulsi plant, Rama Tulsi plant (used for making Tulsi Mala), Brahmi Plant (medicinal use – good for memory) and many more in around Kailash Cave and will narrate the benefits of having the same as plants at your home or as a medicine.

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