Flattened Rice Mixture – Lightweight Snack for Trekking

Flattened Rice Mixture – Lightweight Snack for Trekking

We were at Nalachatti (Narayankoti) near Guptkashi. Just visited Maa Tripurasundari Lalita Mai Temple and was roaming inside the village. It was morning hours. Balbir Singh Rawat was brushing his teeth. He invited us inside his home. We were offered tea but what was more important than tea was – Beaten/Flattened Red Rice also known as Chiwda as a snack.

Flattened Red Rice mixed with Black Sesame Seeds and Sugar – I was enjoying chewing it. Good in taste, Aroma, and a little sweetness as I chew more and more. I was told it is a good snack carried by local mountain people during jungle visits regularly either to collect leaves or for animal grazing. This snack quenches one’s thirst and is lightweight to carry. It is much much tastier if Walnut is also mixed.

Yes, this is for sure one of the lightweight snacks for trekking. Will carry it next time. Even while chewing one can trek. Good during budget trekking. Fantastic idea. Thank you Balbir Ji for enhancing my knowledge. Thank you very much.

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